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i love InuYasha, i support InuxKag, i HATE Kikyo with a BURNING passion, I like the animes: InuYasha, Soul Eater, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Fruits Basket, Devil May Cry, Kaze no Stigma, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ruroouni Kenshin, Bleach, and a buncha others i can't think of at la moment.I love reading manga and book series and i love movies including: Harry Potter (all 8) Pirates of the Carribbean, the InuYasha movies,The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Avengers, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Bruce Almighty and ALOT OF OTHERS:D. I swim for the Naugy Greyhounds, and i do archery in my backyard. ALL THE OTHER STUFF IN IS MY INTERESTS TAB CLICK ITTT!!!!! I love anything that involves drawing or being outside. wheather im drawing anime or watching InuYasha, or witting a fanfiction, or swimming or anything else fun that i do, my brain is going a thousand miles an hour in whatever subject im passionate about! i hope you like my gallery!! My sister is on DA too xrainbowwaterfallzx.deviantart…
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I also do Drawing videos!! :iconinuhappyplz: check out my youtube channel!!…
I like the shows InuYasha (IN JAPANESE), Doctor Who, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Elementary, Teen ztitans, Young Justice, Face Off, Ink Master and alot more that i still can't think of..DUR DA DUR
mi favorita icons:VVVV
:iconinurainbowplz: :iconinupervsmileplz: :iconinuspazplz: :iconinuhappyplz: :iconinuawesomeplz: :iconinuhumanplz: :iconinuspazhumpplz: :iconinuexcitedplz: :iconinuclapplz: :iconinusitplz: :iconinugrowlplz: :iconinuilikeitplz: :iconinutentaclesplz: :iconinuexplodeplz: :iconinueyepoppingplz: :iconinufireplz: :iconinudanceplz: :iconinusighplz: :iconinuheheheplz: :iconinusweatdropplz: :iconinuconfusedplz: :iconinuraepplz: :iconinukillplz: :iconinumeowplz: :iconinugrinplz: :iconinublowkissplz::iconinueatkissplz: :iconinusexyplz: :iconinuwinkplz: :iconinukidnapplz: :iconsesshstareplz: :iconinukissplz::iconkagkiss2plz: :iconinugoodjobplz: :iconinuamazingplz: :iconinuwinkplz: :iconinuwootplz: :iconinusleepplz: :iconinuyeyplz: :iconinudanceplz: :iconinumonkeyplz:
Hello fellow Deviants :iconinumonkeyplz: ,
  I recently put up a new drawing video of Spiderman…
Please watch (at your leisure) and please give me some feedback! :iconinuamazingplz: (If you won't mind) :iconinublushplz: I'm always willing to listen to any advice/comments anyone has on my artwork. :iconinugoodjobplz: Please no hate if you don't like it. 

  ALSO! :iconinuideaplz: I think I might start doing requests, if you have any for me that is. I might even make some drawing videos for them if I feel confident enough to do so. So message me or leave a comment on my page or this journal if you have any requests. I can't promise they will come out perfect, BUT I shall do my very best! :iconinuwinkplz: 


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